When I need some support with feeling lighter, more peaceful and clear, I love using essential oils and taking sea salt baths!  My love for aromatherapy over the years in combination with taking a salt bath (super energetically cleansing) led me to hand craft shower scrubs because I didn’t always have time to take a bath.  These shower scrubs became a hit with friends and family, that I now make them for all to experience.  They are made with so much love plus many other energetic goodies!  They make great holiday gifts too!  Order yours today to get your gifts in on time!




Handcrafted energy charged aromatherapy shower scrubs!

 My newest shower scrubs have been charged by the last full moon eclipse in September.
After bathing in the full moon, the are then charged with healing crystals and infused with Reiki and essential oils formulated to clean
your body and spririt, balance your energy and renew your spirit!

  $20.00 for 16oz

Each batch is uniquely created using sea salt, natural carrier oils and then custom blended with certified pure therapeutic essential oils.  These unique blends are then charged with  healing light energy for an amazing shower or bath experience that clients rave about.  Skin feels soft, revitalized and renewed while the therapeutic aromatherapy oils support emotional and physical properties.

Custom orders requests are available by email

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Custom orders requests are available by email