What you will experience in an energy session with me:
– Energy healing (such as Reiki) to clear and balance your chakras, meridians and subtle energy bodies
– Cleaning your physical mental and emotional bodies
– Profound relaxation and connection to spirit
– Heightened sense of clarity

What we will do in a session
– Create a customized transformational plan for you including energy healing and coaching resources
– Identify trapped energy, emotions and mental thoughts that are causing discomfort and clear them.
– Provide resources for you to apply in your life that will facilitate your healing journey. I teach you to heal yourself so you don’t need anyone but yourself on your journey
– Crystal therapy and emotional aromatherapy (in-office session)

Customized Sessions may include
– A personalized meditation that is recorded during your session infused with energy and activations specifically for you.
– Support with manifestation and creation
Intuitive guidance with angel card reading
– Dialoguing with the consciousness of the body to clear stuck energy
Connecting with inner child for deep healing and promoting self-love
– Past life clearings
Clearing energy from past relationships
Cleaning the subconscious mind of outdated and discordant programs
Access Bars Session (All considerations, thoughts, feelings, emotions, decisions, judgments and beliefs from any lifetime that are stored in the brain are released during this process called Access Bars)
– Sound Healing with Tuning forks and crystal bowls