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We often hear the term empath equated with terms like protection, survival or even being a victim.  This is the disempowered empath!  We don’t often hear about the empowered empath who intuitive, bright, strong, powerful and confident.  My purpose is to help all empaths step into their empowerment and even be able to release  the […]

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MAY ENERGY SHIFTS Over the past 3 weeks, or really years now! (LOL) We’ve been opening up to new experiences of ourselves, our true selves or what you could call our divine selves. In order to set ourselves up to do this, we’ve been gradually purging out old beliefs, programs and lower vibrational emotions to […]

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Listen to my interview on “The Vibe” Radio Show!

I was excited to be invited by Yonee Wondwossen to his “The Vibe” radio show on Fishbowl Radio Network. The Vibe is a weekly radio show hosted by Yonee Wondwossen that combines music and conversations with creative and interesting individuals in Dallas/Fort Worth, and other surrounding areas.  From rising artists to self-made entrepreneurs, every guest […]

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