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Shifting Perspectives

Some days you just wake up and the world can seem a dismal place and you can feel like life is moving against you or like you’re walking through water making little progress.  It’s times like this where I pull out all the stops and take action to get myself back on track and shift […]

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    POST-HOLIDAY HOLISTIC CLEANSE 2 week detox program and metabolic profiling with support group As soon as the holidays come to a close, many of us have the desire for some clean eating.  It’s the perfect time to begin the New Year with a supportive group to cleanse and detox our bodies, minds and […]

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Finding Balance – Creating Happiness

Finding Balance – Creating Happiness Do you find that life is moving so fast you barely have time to stop and really enjoy yourself?  Life is moving fast, but we don’t have to let it take control how we manage ourselves.  This is where learning to find balance comes in!  It is first about being […]

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REIKI I PRACTIONER CERTIFICATION CLASS – FOUR WEEK SERIES This certification class taught by Reiki Master/Teacher, Jennifer Cunnings provides an in-depth understanding of Reiki that far exceeds what can be taught in a one day course.  You will gain the confidence to feel and work with Reiki energy because you will have ample time to […]

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What Is Balance?

We hear about the importance of balance between family and work and play but I think true balance is more than that. It’s about nurturing yourself and being present and aware in your every moment. It is when we spend too much time thinking of the past or worrying about the future we disrupt our […]

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