I learned I was an Empath a few years ago and it was life changing.  I then realized that every client who came into my office was an Empath too.  Through this unfolding, it has become central to my practice and mission to not only support you as an Empath, but to help you uncover your special gifts, your power and your purpose.  Through one-on-one coaching sessions, classes and other offerings, I hope to be a valuable resource for you on uncovering the “real” you and how powerful you really are!  

Here is a sample audio of a live class I taught on Empath Empowerment

Here is an article that was published in Natural Awakenings, North Texas December 2016 Edition

Natural Awakenings Article Empath Kids

What is an Empath?

  • Giver, listener, counseler, healer
  • Feels like needs to fix other peoples problems
  • Inbalance in relationships
  • Unable to ask for and receive help
  • Intuitive and “knowing” claircognizant & feeling “clairsentient”
  • Gives power away and allows other to take power
  • Energy sponges/Sensitive
  • Empaths unlike highly sensitive people can be extroverts
  • Overwhelmed in crowded places
  • Seek approval from other to gain happiness
  • Put other’s happiness before own
  • Worried or concerned about what other think
  • Takes on responsibilities of everyone’s problems

Questions to ask yourself if you’re an Empath?  If you answered yes to 6 or more of these, you are an Empath.

  1. When you meet someone, can you get a good sense of them even before they speak?
  2. Do you sometimes feel tired or drained after having a conversation with a friend after they told you all their problems?
  3. Do your friends, family or colleagues come to you for advice or to just to share their issues?
  4. Can you tell if somebody is lying even if you don’t know them very well?
  5. Do you feel sensory overload or just overwhelmed in crowded places like malls and stadiums?
  6. Are you the giver in your relationships and find it difficult to receive help from others?
  7. Are you sensitive or are disturbed by violence in movies & TV?
  8. Do you get bored easily and require a variety in your routine?
  9. Have you even felt someone else’s pain physically in your body?


If feel you may be an Empath and would like support managing your energy, navigating your life and moving into owning your power, please get in touch.  Please call or book a session!
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