What is a typical session like with Jennifer?

What is a typical energy healing session like with Jennifer?

As a new client, I ask you to complete an intake form that we will go over in your first session which takes about an hour and a half.  This initial consultation typically sets the stage for our work together where we begin to establish your goals, intentions and desired outcomes.  Many people think that an energy healing or Reiki session is like getting a massage where you feel relaxed and peaceful for awhile, and then life goes back to normal.

My sessions would be better equated to a relaxing therapy session, where I integrate the energy healing with intuitive coaching and guidance followed up with action items to be completed by you.  You do experience peace and relaxation, but more like getting a massage from the inside.  My clients are committed to improving their lives and no longer and willing to compromise their happiness by just going through the motions.  The ideal client for me is someone who has recognized an area in their life that they are discontent with.  It could be a job, a relationship or even their own limiting beliefs or thoughts that are preventing from feeling happy.  I work in partnership with my clients to achieve the ultimate results.

My goal is to empower you to begin to listen to your own inner guidance and share tools and resources via intuitive coaching that will help you attain your desired outcomes.  We all have an internal guidance system we call our intuition that sometimes just needs a booster to begin to listen in more clearly.

Typical sessions last an hour to an hour and a half.  We initially discuss your focus, goals and intentions.  We then identify any blocked emotions or stuck energy and create affirmation statements to align you with what you are wanting to create.  We then move to the table where you will just relax and can even take a nap in some cases.  I incorporate a variety of energy healing techniques based on what your energy tells me it needs.  Each session is catered to you and where you are at.  Not one session is alike and consistency is recommended for at least 3 of your first sessions.

You can read an abundance of client reviews from my website and I offer a 15 minute free phone consultation to see if we are fit.  Call today! 972-816-6299