Trinity One:  A Course in Self-Mastery

Are you seeking a way to connect to your highest, truest self in a way that is easy, practical and powerful?  Are you ready to elevate your spiritual/meditation practice to the next level and learn an energy healing modality that is setup for your accelerated personal development?  This is a course in self-mastery enabling to you to tap into the pure divine consciousness within you to support you getting in touch with your purpose, your truth and the loving peace that resides within you. 

2018 Dates to be announced soon.

In this self-focused class based in the powerful practice of Trinity Energy Progression, students will be entrained into this energy that enables manifestation of your desires and moving into a super creative space in your life.  You will learn specific practices of Trinity Energy that will teach you how to use energy healing on yourself to support physical, mental and emotional healing at the deepest levels.  

What else do you get?

At the end of class, you will walk away with a powerful and infinite tool that will help you remember and awaken to who really are.  You will be able to more easily tap into the place that you know exists within you, that is filled with unconditional love, guidance, truth and power!   You will raise your consciousness and your vibration allowing an expanded and limitless perspective.  You will have support to apply these practices and tools on a daily basis to make huge and lasting changes.

If you’re ready for a spiritual evolution and want to experience an amazing energy that you can use on yourself in every moment, this class is for you!!

RSVP HERE TODAY or email with questions.  Space will be very limited as we keep this group cozy!

My name is Jennifer Cunnings Warrington and I will be facilitating this class and creating a safe and loving environment for you to thrive.  I am a Trinity Energy Facilitator, Reiki Master Teacher and Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner with over 20 years of experience in energy healing and metaphysics.  My clients and students describe me as empathic, compassionate, intuitive and authentic.  My purpose is to help you awaken to your own purpose, your truth and the power you have inside.  I am here to guide you on how to release yourself from fear, limiting thoughts and unworthiness so you can step into the most authentic version of yourself.  It is my true honor to be able to hold space for you as your journey unfolds!  

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Benefits of Trinity Energy Progression

Check out this video describing my experience with Trinity which includes a guided mediation and energy healing at minute 24!

After I took my first Trinity class back in 2013, everything in my life changed.  Firstly, I left my corporate job that I dreaded waking up to everyday, just 3 months after class. I began to live out more of my life purpose by teaching and coaching others to help them open their spiritual path to self-love and divine truth.

Trinity Energy Progression can be HUGE catalyst of change.  Learning Trinity can be a big leap forward in aligning with your path and purpose.  It will also help you manage the current energy shifts.  Is it an energetic healing modality? A tool? A practice?  The answer is Yes, Yes, and Yes…and it’s different than all the rest!! 



“How can I accelerate my spiritual development, in the most powerful and natural way?”

“How can I clear all the old baggage and blocks?”

“How can I be the most powerful and true version of myself?”

Trinity Energy Progression™ is way of perceiving and experiencing our Universe, a way of living in Divine Truth. Learn how you can become LIMITLESS, in more ways than the mind imagines: physical, mental, environmental, emotional, spiritual.  It also helps you to recognize that “enlightenment” and “ascension” isn’t anything to attain…it is something to remember.

This practice/modality is for BOTH those who are wanting to use it for their own spiritual development AND for seasoned intuitives/spiritual practitioners who want to truly amplify their practice.

This full weekend practitioner class provides students with many, many openings that have previously prevented individuals from consciously and fully accessing Divine Consciousness free of boundaries and limitations. Learn how to live and create your reality completely differently, for yourself, for others, and for everything! Learn how to enhance your other practices (and/or leap into the “next phase” of your Divine access), work with others – family, friends, clients – in a variety of situations (in a chair, table, remotely, and in pretty much any situation) to help THEM access the Divine Consciousness to create the reality they desire, as well. At the conclusion of class, one is a certified Practitioner, is listed on the Trinity Website, and is included in the Practitioner community (a private Facebook group) that provides support and camaraderie as well as individual and group continual growth and expansion, as well as shares.

Join Trinity Practitioner Instructor/Facilitator, Jennifer Cunnings for this transformational weekend!! Here’s what her latest students have to share about their experience:


~This was an amazing experience. I have noticed old belief systems changing in myself. I have felt a lighter energy around me. I use it almost daily on myself and can feel the calm come over me. Looking forward to everything to come! (Student from 2/2016 class)

~ It was truly an enlightening  experience! I feel lighter and brighter already. I’m excited to see what else comes my way.  Jennifer is amazing! I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor 💜 (Student from 2/2016 class)

 ~ “As a person who began energy healing training nearly 20 years ago, Trinity Energy Progression has had one …of the most profound shifts in how I work with energy healing and how my perception and awareness has shifted…” – Jennifer C (my testimonial after class!)

Personal investment: $425 (PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE)  Call 972-816-6299 for more information or email: 

EARLY BIRD PRICING: $395.00 if paid before February 1st.  REGISTER NOW!

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Call 972-816-6299 or email for more information!